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Holidays a Dangerous Time on the Roads

Many drivers in the United States are angry, with the Washington Post reporting that 12 percent of drivers responding said that they frequently felt road rage and 21 percent of responding drivers saying that they felt occasional hostility to their fellow drivers at least sometimes.

The large percentage of drivers that are prone to anger behind the wheel results in dangerous choices that cause accidents. This is especially true when motorist are feeling stressed, since around a third of all drivers say that they are more likely to become aggressive on the roads as a result of feelings of pressure or anxiety.   Unfortunately, stress happens a lot around the holidays, so it should come as no surprise that car accident claims increase by as much as 20 percent through the month of December.

The Holiday Season is a Time for Road Rage

Car accident lawyers in San Antonio know that the month of December is a time when there are many drivers on the roads and when traffic is usually bad. Drivers may be on the roads more because they are getting holiday shopping done or because they are traveling to visit family over the festive season.

Far too many drivers on the roads in December are intoxicated, especially if they are coming from holiday parties or special events. Others may simply be frustrated and may be taking this anger out on other motorists. A State Farm Insurance report, for example, found that 32 percent of drivers were likely to become more aggressive during the holiday season. Drivers may also be more distracted in the month of December, as pointed out by a University of Alabama Professor who studies holiday traffic and who warns that a  person whose “mind is on other things” is more likely to pull out in front of you or otherwise make  careless driving choice.

Distraction, intoxication and road rage are three of the biggest risk factors for car accidents, along with speeding, which is also a problem during the holidays according to the deputy executive director of the Governors’ Highway Safety Association. Motorists who are on the roads in December need to do everything they can to try to avoid these risks by making sure they pay attention to the road, never drive drunk, and avoid giving into anger or anxiety while behind the wheel.

Practicing these safe driving tips is important throughout the month, but there are certain days that are more dangerous than others. The six days surrounding the 25th of December have been described as the most dangerous of the month. During these six days, 18 percent more crashes happen than over Thanksgiving weekend and 27 percent more accidents happen than occur on New Years Eve.  Drivers should stay off the roads during this time if they can, especially on the Friday before Christmas when there is commuting traffic, traffic from last-minute shoppers and traffic from people traveling home. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are much safer days on the road for drivers to travel since there tend to be few people out on those days.

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